Designed. Your way.

forge39 provides consulting and construction management services guided by the simple philosophy – “be flexible and always do the right thing.”

Over the years construction services have evolved in a variety of ways. forge39’s customer service has remained a staple in our approach to any task. We take pride in our client, designer, and associate relationships.

Our proven conceptual estimating and design input abilities separate us from others in our field. Our firm has over 20 years of high level estimating and design support history in an array of facility construction, including industrial buildings, car dealerships, medical facilities, food grade factories, hospitality building, and apartment complexes.

We listen to our client’s visions and goals and engage with them throughout the collaboration process. We advise clients on complex decisions and deliver a final work environment that meets their needs.

Establishing a true upfront cost, presenting variables, and designing to those parameters is the key aspect of any project.

We are engaged and instrumental in providing input during the design phase of a project. We do not sit on the sidelines waiting for drawings to be completed and hope for the best in the budgeting phase. Our clients and the design professionals know the cost impacts before any design preparation begins.

We focus on improving the project – whether from a maintenance perspective, general longevity, or an overall aesthetic/work environment impact.

Flexibility. Keep it simple.

There are a variety of ways to implement construction services. The industry has a complex contract arrangement process which varies from construction manager, design-builder, to general contractor. Our belief is that customer service starts day one, not post contract agreement.

forge39 is open to ANY desired delivery method as a whole or through ala carte services. We strive to explain the options to our clients during our initial introductions. We believe a client should have the opportunity to choose which delivery method best fits their needs and comfortability level.

Pre-Construction / Design Services

  • Design development
  • Conceptual estimating (balance design and cost)
  • Timeline / Constructability
  • Standardization / Long term maintenance
  • Construction planning studies and recommendations
  • Future flexibility

Construction Services

  • Assistance with acquiring permitting
  • Coordination of bid packages / Proposal evaluations
  • Contract structure support
  • Site logistics / Master and contract schedule evaluations
  • Budget management and invoicing support
  • Shop drawing reviews and coordination support
  • Contractor and supplier payment evaluations
  • Safety
  • Building systems commissioning support
  • As-built documentation and operation manuals / Guarantee and warranty procurement